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Early Case Analysis

The legal team that best understands the case facts and evidence has a tremendous advantage. Early case analysis with Lexbe enables you to go beyond the documents to the critically important organization of key facts, case participants, issues, and research in your cases.

Lexbe Early Case Assessment tools allow litigators to evaluate case strengths and weaknesses early in the litigation process. Early case assessment is more important than ever with document intensive cases because of the increased litigation costs that these cases often involve. Mistakes can be made and favorable settlement windows may be squandered if your case understanding lags behind case progress.

Lexbe will identify your dispute’s ‘cast of characters’ with our Case Participant review as well as specify legal issues potentially implicated in the dispute with our Facts and Issues assessment.

The result is that you can effectively organize early legal research around case issues identified saving you valuable time, money and resources.


  • Understand case strengths and weaknesses early in the litigation process
  • Prevent mistakes by understanding your case earlier and identifying gaps in timeline and data
  • Save valuable time and money before beginning the eDiscovery process

Lexbe Early Case Analysis includes

  • Early Case Archive+┬áto store case data and ESI safely and inexpensively in our secure archive (over 1 TB of accessible storage).
  • ESI reports and Analysis showing ESI by Custodian Filetype and Date.
  • Culling by Date, Custodian, Keyword and more to reduce data at an early stage.
  • Charting of case participants (parties, deponents, witnesses) and links to case facts.
  • Key case fact identification and timelining of alleged facts from client interviews and correspondence.
  • Dynamic┬átimeline updating as new case facts are discovered.
  • Free storage for the first three months!