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General Features

  • Cloud-Based: No special hardware or software needed
  • End-to-End e-Discovery Solution: Processing, Review, Production, Privilege logging and Timelining
  • No User Fees: charges based on data only – scale your staff as needed.
  • No Contract Required: Our Flex Plan allows you to scale up for cases as needed.

Upload/Ingestion Features

  • DIY Upload: You can upload files and all electronically stored information (ESI) yourself or have us do it for you
  • Fast: Our proprietary scalable cloud architecture means almost any upload is complete in hours, smaller uploads in minutes.
  • Free Upload by Lexbe: Annual Plan clients get free standard uploads handled by Lexbe personnel.

Culling, Data Reduction and Early Case Assessment Features

  • Defensible culling: Cull by custodian (person in possession of ESI), date, keyword, metadata, and more.
  • Deduplication: Deduplication is available to remove unnecessary or duplicative files to speed review.
  • Advanced Reporting: Reports of ESI received by source, custodian, date, type, and more.

eDiscovery Processing Features

  • Full Processing: Processing of hundreds of native file types including email, productivity, image, media and other common file types
  • Virus scanning: We scan and remove virus infected files or malware.
  • Container Expansion: Outlook Email PSTs, ZIP, RAR and other container files are decompressed and expanded. Outlook email MSGs are extracted and associated with Email bodies.
  • Hash Code Generation: Files are ‘digitally fingerprinted’ with MD5 Hash Codes to maintain chain of custody, data defensibility and support file deduplication.
  • deNIST: DeNIST and system file identification removes unnecessary files.
  • Foreign Language/Unicode Support: Conversion to TIFF supports non-English languages and character sets.
  • Metadata Extraction: Metadata fields from email and other files are extracted, including Email sender, receivers, date and time sent and received, subject, date created/last modified, etc.
  • PDF Creation: We create searchable text-based PDFs from all supported filetypes.
  • Placeholder Creation: We create placeholders for files that cannot be converted because of file corruption, password-protection, non-supported file type, etc.
  • Free OCR: We run optical character recognition on image-based files to improve searchability.
  • Full reporting: Reporting includes review progress and productivity tracking.

Search and Document Review Features

  • Integrated Doc Viewer: Integrated Native PDF and TIFF Image review in a tabbed document record.
  • PDF-Based: Text-Based PDF created for all supported file types and viewable in the document viewer.
  • Control Numbers: Control numbers available for pre-production doucment identification.
  • Color and Highlighting: Color and highlighting supported.
  • Annotations and Revisions: Annotations and document revisions supported and retained.
  • Threading: Email and Conversation Threading
  • Superior Search Results: Multi-Index+ allows consolidated search of native, OCRed images
  • Advanced Search: Search options include Boolean, concept, stemming and other advanced options.
  • Integrated Translations: Translated versions (machine or human) integrated into the doucment record and search index for multi-language reviews.
  • Metadata Fielding: Automatic metadata fielding for privilege logging
  • Review Workflows: Built-in workflow for responsiveness, privilege, and confidentiality tagging
  • Custom Fields: Unlimited custom coding fields and saved searches for issue coding, ‘hot docs’, etc.
  • Integrated Redactions: Integrated redaction and re-OCR included.
  • Briefcases: Briefcase downloads and shared briefcases for cients, experts and other users
  • Transcript Management: Transcript management and integrated fact and issue timelining.
  • Annotated Versions for Depositions: Annotated version creation for depostions

eDiscovery Production and Privilege Logging Features

  • Fast Productions: Massively multi-server scalable architecture can run almost any production in less than a day – many in a few hours or even minutes.
  • Bates Stamping: Bates file naming and endorsing is supported at the page level.
  • Confidentiality and Special Designations: Page-level Confidentiality and other special designations (e.g., ‘Attorneys Eyes Only’, ‘Subject to Protective Order’).
  • Natives Available: Extracted and processed native versions such as Excel spreadsheets are available for production.
  • Load File Generation: We include loadfiles for all popular litigation database platforms, including Excel .XLSX (Lexbe load file format), .DAT/.OPT (Concordance, Relativity, Ringtail) and .DII (Summation) loadfile formats.
  • Omline Production Delivery: Save time by optionally delivering productions with a shared downlaod link.

Advanced Analytics Features

  • Assisted Review+: Predictive coding for responsiveness review in very large cases.
  • NearDupe Groupings+: Near duplicate detection technology for faster review, email threading and privilege protection.

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