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“Lexbe’s cost advantages, SaaS convenience and search capabilities appeal to many small firms… to handle large amounts of data – without investing in an IT infrastructure.”

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is a comprehensive cloud-based litigation document management and review application. We give users the ability to process, analyze, cull, review, and produce large discovery collections quickly and securely – without breaking the bank.

Super Easy-to-Use
Lexbe has a very simple and intuitive user interface that streamlines the eDiscovery process.
Powerful and Fast
Lexbe's advanced cloud-based eDiscovery platform gives you anytime, anywhere access to virtually unlimited computing power to get you from processing to document review faster than anyone in the industry.
Integrated Translation
Lexbe's machine translation supports over 100 languages and populates the Lexbe Uber Index for comprehensive multi-language search capability.
The Uber Index
Only Lexbe has the Uber Index – the industry’s most comprehensive index and search capability resulting from the extraction of all native characters, OCR characters, metadata and translated characters. This feature enables you to find more evidence and privileged documents.
Simple and Affordable Pricing Plans
Lexbe's pricing is based on the number of GBs hosted in the platform. Lexbe’s plans start at just $25 per GB for a month to month plan. Lexbe never charges user fees.
Experts Standing-By to Help
Highly experienced in complex litigation, Lexbe’s ACEDs certified eDiscovery professionals are standing by to help when you need it.

For more than 11 years law firms and corporations involved in complex litigation have come to rely on Lexbe to cost-effectively manage increasingly complex and data intensive electronic discovery.

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Kerstin Sjoberg-Witt

“We have found Lexbe to be a very responsive and helpful e-Discovery partner. Lexbe’s review tool gives our internal staff and co-counsel a shared work environment to speed document review and productions in large document cases. Lexbe has been an excellent, cost-effective solution for our needs.”

-Kerstin Sjoberg-Witt

Kelly Twigger

“Lexbe is a DIY eDiscovery platform that doesn’t require a third party provider — you can simply upload data directly from your desktop instead of having to send the data to an outside party. Then you are off and running.”

-Kelly Twigger