Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Lexbe provides comprehensive eDiscovery services and software for a variety of markets that require a range of eDiscovery solutions.

ediscovery-solutions-companiesCompanies/Corporate Counsel

General counsel can leverage our expertise and  infrastructure to meet eDiscovery needs effectively and cost efficiently. Depending on your internal staffing and capacity you can ‘do-it-yourself’ using our processing and review tools, or have us manage the process for you quickly and efficiently on a turnkey basis.

construction law ediscovery solutionsConstruction Litigation

Construction law and defects cases are also known for having a multitude of parties with complex interconnecting relationships. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform has been designed to handle review of the most data intensive and complex construction litigation discovery collections.

eDiscovery-solutions-nonprofitDisability Rights Organizations

As a non-profit organization, unpredictable eDiscovery demands can wreak havoc on budgets and  interfere with your advocacy mission. Lexbe has extensive experience working with disability rights organizations, from the smallest to the largest cases. Our flexible service offerings, combined with our low, transparent pricing makes Lexbe a sensible option for the needs of your organization.

slider-sky-640x500Environmental Litigation

Environmental lawyers face unique challenges when litigating cases on behalf of clients. The discovery phase of an environmental law case demands that the litigators involved maintain a coordinated effort through efficient correspondence and teamwork with outside counsel, while doing so in a cost effective manner. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is powerful enough to handle cases of any size, fosters efficient collaboration, and offers the most cost effective eDiscovery solution in the industry.

eDiscovery solutions intellectual propertyIntellectual Property Litigation

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform has been designed to handle the most intricate and complex intellectual property litigation document management and review tasks. Lexbe offers robust case analysis and timeline functionality in addition to online document processing capabilities that can streamline your IP case.

eDiscovery solutions large firmsLarge Law Firms

Lexbe eDiscovery services are designed to meet the volume processing and hosting demands of the largest law firms. Our infrastructure and technologies scale to meet the demands of of ESI intensive cases, while still being flexible enough to respond to the requirements of last minute deadlines.

blogMac Lawyers

Attorneys using Mac software know eDiscovery and legal document management should be platform independent. Often times Mac users encounter compatibility issues with other eDiscovery software and need to perform complicated workarounds just to access case documents. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems, giving you the flexibility to manage and review case data in your preferred environment.

58600_4561Managed Review Providers

Managed Review providers demand an eDiscovery platform that can even the largest and most complex cases with speed and efficiency. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform provides managed review teams a comprehensive software solution powerful enough to handle any case. Designed to highlight the specialized skill sets of managed review specialists, and maximize the productivity through dynamic review sets, instant progress, reviewer output, and quality control reports, plus optimized workflow designs, Lexbe eDiscovery Platform provides a comprehensive software solution for managed review teams.

plaintiff eDiscovery solutionsPlaintiff & Trial Lawyers

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform has been designed to maximize the efficiency of discovery review to help plaintiff and trial attorneys get the most out of their available staff and budget. Lexbe’s powerful, search-centric, review platform allows for rapid identification and tagging of key case issues to support timelining and an accurate understanding of an ever-changing case.

unsplash_52a088bb6fb98_1Securities Litigation

Securities litigators are often faced with massive and complex eDiscovery collections, yet cases must progress within standard court time frames. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is designed to handle the most data intensive and detail oriented securities litigation.

eDiscovery-solutions-smallSmall and Medium Law Firms

As a small or medium sized firm you have to weigh the costs of supporting your needs in house or leverage eDiscovery solutions that allow you to scale resources up or down as you need them. Lexbe provides the perfect blend of eDiscovery software and services giving you the flexibility you need to meet your eDiscovery needs at an affordable price.

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